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This package is developed with Chen-Song Zhang at Univesity of Maryland.

AFEM@matlab is a MATLAB package of adaptive finite element methods (AFEMs) for stationary and evolution partial differential equations in two spatial dimensions. It contains robust, efficient, and easy-following codes for the main building blocks of AFEMs. This will benefit not only the education of the methods but also future research and algorithmic development.

Our package can be useful for education, communication, and research. More precisely, it will (1) speed up program development; (2) facilitate comparisons of ideas and results; (3) improve academic publications. We summarize and emphasis the main features of our package as the following:
• It includes newest development of AFEMs.
• It is concise and easy to follow.
• It can be easily modified for other problems and languages


Please acknowledge your use of AFEM@matlab by citing

  1. Long Chen. Short bisection implementation in MATLAB .
  2. Long Chen and Chensong Zhang. A coarsening algorithm and multilevel methods on adaptive grids by newest vertex bisection.
  3. Long Chen and Chensong Zhang. AFEM@matlab: a MATLAB package of adaptive finite element methods.

DOWNLOAD: Matlab Central or Matlab Database


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