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This post contains our solution to the management of references for the following purposes:

  • Writing paper.
    When you are writing paper with Latex, the best solution for the references is to use Bibtex. A quick introduction and usage of Bibdesk is HERE and a more detailed one can be found HERE.

  • Managing paper.
    We use some graphical softwares to manage BibTex databases. For Windows and Unix: JabRef and for Mac: BibDesk.
    It is easy to classify, search and edit bib files using those softwares. HERE is a sample page which contains html files generated by BibDesk.

  • Reading paper.
    What we do for this purpose is a small, local, and specialized version of MathSciNet. Most papers in the BibTex database is linked to a pdf file in your local machine or some web sever. A webpage for our current library is HERE (account and password is needed).
  • Bib Files

  • For JabRef, please download umdlib.bib. The configuration of JabRef is HERE.
  • For BibDesk, please download library.bib. The preference for BibDesk is HERE.
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  • Topics


    Why Bibtex?

  • Don't worry about formatting the bibliography.
  • Avoid retyping the same references.
  • Mangage your references in an efficient way.

  • Quick Start

    1. Put the following two lines right above the \end{document}

  • Commonly used bib style: abbrv, alpha, plain, unsrt You can find the examples and difference of those styles HERE.
  • "library" is the file name of the bib file. You can use directory path here. For example, \bibliography{../Math/Paper/library}. If it doesn't work, which might be the case for Windows, you just copy the library.bib file to your current directory.

  • 2. To refer a paper in your tex file, use command
    where Chen.L;Xu.J2004 is the bib index. The corresponding bib term in library.bib is:

    Author = {Long Chen and Jinchao Xu},
    Journal = {Journal of Computational Mathematics},
    Pages = {299-308},
    Title = {Optimal {Delaunay} triangulations},
    Volume = {22(2)},
    Year = {2004}}

    3. Compiling your tex file.
  • latex yourfile
  • bibtex yourfile
  • latex yourfile
  • latex yourfile

  • Somehow you have to latex your tex file twice after the bibtex command.
    More instruction can be found at Google.